AdRev & YouTube

“In an attempt to protect my intellectual property from improper and disallowed use, my work is registered with a company that scans uploaded Youtube content and flags it where it deems my work has been used improperly. AdRev is also a way for me to earn some revenue from the free use of my music. You don’t have to pay for a license, but I can still get back a little bit of what it costs to create.


Providing you are using my work within your allowed use (either complying with the Creative Commons terms, or with a paid license), you will not receive a strike against your account.


The attempt of the company is not to stop people from utilising my music online; far from it as I encourage the free use of my work. Instead they are there to ensure that those who are using my music are doing so within the realms of what is allowed, and to support me as an artist creating accessible assets for your use.”

Dexter Britain