New album, out now.

I’ve Joined Patreon

Patreon is a social platform where I will be uploading all my new music, albums, videos, photos, everything before anywhere else.


It’s not just exclusive content, but a chance for us all to get better acquainted. I want your input in what I am creating. You can be part of the process and shape my final releases.


You’ll get to hear works that never make it public. A new series of cover songs and collaborations. I’ve got an endless supply of ideas, now we can realise them together.

Pushing On

This piece came from wanting to create something that has a bold story but remains intimate.
Along with the piano and solo violin, the ensemble is only four 1st Violins and three 2nd Violins, Violas, Cellists and Basses. This for me is very small, compared to my usual huge ensembles of 60 or more string players.

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