Dexter Britain Studio September 2019

I’ve always wanted to keep my set-up simple. The easier and quicker it is to get ideas down, the better. For me writing is improvisation. I might know what I want and even have melodic ideas, but everything stems from listening. The melody I write in piano may work well there and then, but to build on an idea it would sound better by another instrument. Because of this I have built a quite large library of software instruments, not that I need them or make full use of any of them, but because I seek out the sound that works for what I’m trying to convey

They are my artists toolbox, but by no means do they make me a better composer. I started writing in Garage Band in 2005 using only the free sounds and instruments that came with it. Back then spending any money on a software instrument was a huge deal for me so I didn’t. Later I did purchase Gypsy from EastWest for it’s solo violin that I used in the original “The Time To Run”.

Over the past decade I have invested heavily in software instruments and seeking out the libraries that work for me. It is nice to have them to find inspiration in. Every company produces something unique and there is no one product fits all.


2014 Mac Pro
(3Ghz 8-Core Intel Xeon E5, 64GB DDR3, Dual AMD FirePro D700)
G-Speed Studio Raid
G-Raid Studio
Lacie 1TB SSD
OWC Thunderbay & 4 1TB Samsung EVO 850 SSDs
LG 34″ Ultrawide Display 

Munro 150 Egg Monitors
Arturia Keylab 88
Apogee Quartet


Logic Pro X

Software Libraries

Native Instruments