Creative Commons

Some of Dexter Britain’s music is licensed under a Creative Commons License. This means you may be able use his music for free, without a license, for your projects.


The terms of the Creative Commons license are:

  • Attribution – You have to credit Dexter Britain and preferably link to
  • Non-Commercial – Projects can not be be profit making, or paid work, or commercial.
  • Share-Alike – If you share your project, you should use this same license.

To obtain a license to use music that does not have Creative Commons, or for a project that does not fit with the terms, please contact Music Bed. We work exclusively with them for all licensing.

You will need a license if…

  • You are being paid to make the video or project.
  • You are making money from the video through advertising, affiliation or commission (such as monetising a video on YouTube).
  • The work will be used for commercial purposes.
  • The work promotes a profit organisation.
  • The work is advertising
  • The work will be broadcast (including television, radio, and cinema).
  • The work is for resale, used for profit making.
  • The project is requesting or soliciting donations. Such as fundraising videos, Kickstarter, or other crowd funding videos.
  • Used in videos/ projects/ or content that is supported by financial contributions, including Patreon.
  • You don’t want your video claimed on YouTube.

Use of Dexter’s creative commons music is with the understanding that your YouTube video may be claimed and monetised to help support further free music. More information HERE.

Creative Commons Licensed Music
Charge Into 2015
  1. Charge Into 2015
  1. The Stars Are Out
  2. The Start Are Out Interlude
  3. Shooting Star
  1. Utopia Part One
  2. Utopia Part Two
  3. Utopia Part Three
  4. Utopia Part Four
Creative Commons Volume. 6
  1. Beyond The Finish Line
  2. Overcoming Stage Fright
  3. Libérez comme des enfants
  4. Back To Life
  5. The Truth Is In There
  6. Country Trouble
  7. Wasting Time Till The Sunrise
  8. Finding Yourself
  9. From The Dream Of Life
  10. Ever Turning Mind
  11. The Crew
  12. Of Others Good News
Creative Commons Volume. 5
  1. The Time To Run (Finale)
  2. Blissful Ignorance
  3. In The Electric Fields
  4. The War In My Head
  5. Imagination Hunt
  6. Safe In Glass Houses
  7. Losing Love
  8. Running Through Tunnels
  9. Going Under
  10. Together In The Empty
  11. The Fresh Monday
  12. Telling Stories
Nothing To Fear
  1. Nothing To Fear
Xmas 2012
  1. The Holiday Excitement
  2. Silent Night (Part 1)
  3. Auld Lang Syne
Creative Commons Volume. 4
  1. The Rules Of Social Class
  2. New Approach
  3. Long Walk Out
  4. Grand Movement
  5. Time Catches Up
  6. Forced Through Time
Creative Commons Volume. 3
  1. Dirty Night
  2. Hollow World
  3. I’m Fine, Dear
  4. Settling In
  5. Visions
  6. The Party’s Home
  7. Breaking Up
  8. Rocking Off
  9. Problematic
Ironic Hooligan Instrumentals
  1. Don’t Think We Care (Instrumental)
  2. Radio Friendly (Instrumental)
  3. So Optimistic (Instrumental)
  4. Thought Battle (Instrumental)
  5. The End Of The World (Instrumental)
  6. Ironic Hooligan (Instrumental)
  7. Light Of The World (Instrumental)
  8. I Dream In Future Tense (Instrumental)
  9. Waking Up (Part 2) (Instrumental)
  10. Unknown Soldier (Instrumental)
  11. You’re Not One Of Them (Instrumental)
  12. What We Like (Instrumental)
Creative Commons Volume. 2
  1. The Tea Party
  2. After Christmas
  3. My Song For January
  4. Notebook Reading
  5. Seeing The Future
  6. Summers Coming
  7. Nights Tale
  8. Leave Well Enough Alone (Instrumental)
  9. Stop It (Instrumental)
  10. Waking Up (Instrumental)
Creative Commons Volume, 1
  1. Second Class Citizen
  2. Slow Motion Strut
  3. Calling (Instrumental)
  4. Pollution
  5. Perfect I Am Not
  6. Chasing Time
  7. Carried On Wind
  8. The Time To Run
  9. Collapsing Time
  10. From Truth (A Piano Improvisation)
  11. Train
  12. Forever Pit
  13. The Lost Ones
  14. Positive Feeling
  15. Calling
  16. What’s It All About